Book Recommendations

“Typical Sandeep, no beating about the bush in this insightful playbook written by a true practitioner who knows what works and, indeed, what doesn’t. Insightful and executable”

Matthew Wyatt – SVP Shared Services Centre for Portfolio Companies, Public Investment Fund, KSA

Good book…Read today to be relevant tomorrow! Intelligent automation is the future of work

Renu Satti, Senior Vice President, Paytm

Figuring out what “AI” and automation does, why it is needed, which tool works, and how to use them has never been harder. The wealth of experience encapsulated in this book, will illuminate the art of practical applications of AI and RPA tools and guide you through the next few years towards better decisions. It describes a route that will support maximizing investments.

Cathy Tornbohm, Distinguished Vice President, Gartner

“The hype around process automation, and the often-underwhelming outcomes experienced by organisations when attempting to scale, has led to circumspection around the subject. There are prodigious success stories out there reflecting the impact that intelligent automation can have within a digital transformation agenda, but the “what, when and how” to automate will still be familiar questions to many. This book, written by an expert on the topic, is timely and provides invaluable tools, insights and guardrails for anyone embarking on the intelligent automation journey.”

Alex Guinness, Head of Automation, British Petroleum

“Technologies are tools and they deliver results only when wielded effectively. Sandeep Parikh provides a clear and readable guidebook for business leaders and technology executives to play an effective role in using the transformational powers of intelligent automation. This book is your field guide to automate intelligently”

Milan Sheth, EVP, Automation Anywhere

A pioneer in Automation/AI, Sandeep is at his best! Practical and a must read for Board members, CXO’s, Automation experts and anyone who aspires to be in hyper-automation. Simple and insightful

Raghu Subramanian, Non-Executive Chairman, UiPath India

“Very insightful. Sandeep demystifies concepts of RPA, IA, ML, AI, NLP and related technologies. A must read for both – the uninitiated and the expert”

Ashish Mathur, Group CIO, Allcargo Logistics & ECU Worldwide

“I found myself ‘Back to the future’ of how intelligent automation would reveal itself to its most effective audience – be it an operations lead, a developer or an industry leader!”

Karthik Jagadish, Global head of intelligent automation, Diageo

“This book brings in a holistic perspective to scaling hyper automation in the organisation with RPA, AI, case management and beyond. Sandeep shares valuable insights in this book which will help organisations in overcoming some of the challenges during the pandemic and also laying a solid foundation for the digital journey with service orchestration capabilities”

Uday Birajdar, CEO & Co-founder, Automation Edge