About the Author

Sandeep Parikh has over 25 years of experience across organizations such as Unilever, Mother Dairy, ICI, Microsoft, Genpact. He currently leads the Intelligent Automation and AI practice at a big four.

He is an innovative, hands on executive who has a record of leveraging technologies to help create economic value for organizations and stakeholders across industry sectors. Sandeep is an Electronics Engineer and a postgraduate in Sales and Marketing Management.

Sandeep is an eminent speaker at several forums and institutes.

Sandeep has won several Industry and company awards including Best CIO in India

Sandeep Parikh speaking at the NASSCOM forum about how Intelligent Automation is disrupting businesses across the board.

Sandeep Parikh speaking at Innovation Live about how cognitive automation is disrupting the way we work.

Sandeep Parikh speaking at Automation Anywhere Imagine, sharing his perspective about how automation is being leveraged strategically by the industry to improve business performance including Revenue, Profitability and EPS.

Sandeep Parikh hosting a panel for Economic times around how Automation is disrupting healthcare services and industries

Sandeep Parikh speaking at the EY Leadership Forum about how emerging technologies are disrupting the Global Capability Centres and the BPO business

Sandeep Parikh sharing his point of view around what emerging technologies are and how these are being leveraged across industries such as manufacturing and consumer products